2110 CRI>90 SMD LED diod has smaller size 2.1×1.0 (mm), while 3528 is 3.5×2.8 (mm) and 3014 3.0×1.4 (mm). See below comparative image.

But why we made so smaller LED diode?? What’s the advantage of it??

-More flexible design which means you can put more LEDs for one meter on the FPC up to 700 pieces and you can achieve more even and desired light effect as a result.

Better color consistency. We can provide one bin LEDs diode only for every shipment and you don’t worry about the color difference at all.

-Higher CRI. CRI is one of the main concern for many light pros. For 2110, we can offer you CRI up to 97 and 90 is the lowest level which means it can show you the color of the objects much close to the one under sunlight.

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