• Symmetrical optical lens for options, beam angles available at:
    (1) 2700-6000K: 30°, 45°, 60°, 20*45°;
    (2) RGB, RGBW:15°,30°, 45°,15*60°.
  • Can be cuttable and re-connected by smart accessories:
    (1)2700-6000K: min cutting length 125mm(6LEDs);
    (2)RGB, RGBW, RGB DMX: min cutting length 166.7mm(6LEDs or 7LEDs);
  • CRI: Ra>90 (for 2700-6000K only)
  • LED Quantity: 48 pcs/m (white), 42pcs/m(RGB, RGBW) or 36pcs/m(RGB DMX512)
  • 24VDC working and max 18W/meter(white color).
  • Up to 120LM/W for 4000K.