Manwah Lighting is devoted to manufacturing high quality LED strips for orver 11 years, founded in 2008 in Shenzhen. It’s one of the earliest development and production enterprises of producing LED products in China. With over 100 employees, and a fabrication area of 3,000 square meters work place,MW works with more than 50 companies across the countries.

Over 10 years experience marks MW an expert in this field. The main products range from indoor lights, such as LED strip, LED strip profile, LED neon light, LED linear lights, LED wall washer etc to the outdoor lights as well and all are accordant with UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, FCC, ERP standards.

Excellent R&D teams whose members have abundant experience in industrial design, electronic driver, light control system, enables MW develop new products every 3 month regularly.

Numerous state of the art production machines from Japan and Korea equipped,such as automatic SMT machine, automatic discretion wave welding machine,ten temperature zones reflow soldering machine, high and low temperature experiment box, current shock laboratory, high voltage testing machine, large integrating sphere, to guarantee MW have cutting edge technology in the industry. MW designs private mold for the appearance and self-made the driver to make the products unique,fashionable,durable and affordable in the markets.

MW also seeks to make people’s life better and easier and earth greener. To reach this goad, MW creates environmental friendly and intelligent lighting solution to build a pleasant environment to live. Moreover, relentless pursuit of perfection is continuous to be fulfilled to MW.