Do you know why our products are better than others’ in the markets?

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Not only LED products we make,but also football we play and play well

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Ultra Thin & High Dense LED strip light / 2110 280 LEDs per meter with only 4mm width

May 16th, 2019|0 Comments

The Smallest and Ideal Lighting Solution of LED Strip 2110

2110 CRI>90 SMD LED diod has smaller size 2.1×1.0 (mm), while 3528 is 3.5×2.8 (mm) and 3014 3.0×1.4 (mm). See below comparative image. But why we made [...]

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The Strongest Flexible LED Strip Ever Been of 2110 CRI 90-95 CRI 95-97

2110 CRI>90 flexible LED strips have stronger body, and it can reduce the LEDs damage to minimum level in various applications, thus to save the cost [...]

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Perfect Solution for Furniture Lighting with 2110 CRI>90 Flexible LED Strip

2110 LED components to make maximum 700LED/meter CRI>90 R9>60 flexible LED strip lights, much stronger than normal LED strips. Below are the det [...]

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